The Exchange is Raising Money to Help Pay Student Lunch Debt

Occoquan Elementary could use some help getting some of the lunch debt acquired by their students paid off.

As we continue with our chapter passion projects, the Exchange has decided to tackle an issue that is often forgotten; student lunch debt. When families can’t afford to pay for their kids to have lunch, the students acquire lunch debt from the school to make up the difference. The emotional damage aside, this creates tons of issues since the school often covers the bill at the end of the year which draws funds from other programs. Which, means things like supplies get covered by teachers out of their own pockets.

We have decided that for our Q1 passion project we wanted to help pay off the lunch debt for Occoquan Elementary School in Woodbridge Virginia. Some of our local kids can’t afford to get a meal every day, and when they have lunch debt, they can’t participate in some of the extra fun activities available. We want to make sure no kid goes hungry, and no school programs are hindered by lunch debt.

Please help us in our mission to support our wonderful community by donating below.

Student Lunch Debt

Paying down the debt at Occoquan Elementary School For our…